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How do you pick the best shop to repair your vehicle after an accident? Most shops make an agreement with your insurance company that includes warranties, repair quality that meets industry standards and a kickback for a steady stream of customers. This model is easy for all, but it ships Las Vegas money out of state to big corporations and creates an employee with a sense of entitlement when they didn't have to fight for each customer and repair. Quality at Las Vegas Auto Body comes from the passion of a lifetime of repairing cars and the gratitude for every customer that we have to compete for. We are a local company in business since 2002 offering free deductibles, free loaner cars, free warranties and repair processes that meet a manufacturer's standard. You have our promise to make you happy with your vehicle again. Don't have the money to pay for your deductible? Call now because we forget to collect the deductible on most repairs. Insurance company says you have to use their shop? Call now for lifetime limited warranties and repairs that meet a manufacturer's standard. Nobody in Las Vegas or Henderson wants to call an Auto Body Shop, getting into an accident is stressful, painful, expensive and time consuming. Las Vegas Auto Body is here to make it easier for you with a central location near the corner of I15 and 215, Manufacturer's recommended repair processes to help reduce stress, free loaner cars and deductible assistance to save you money and a promise to make you happy with your car again. You'll be proud to recommend us to your friends and family. Call for a free estimate, a free loaner car, or a free deductible or come to 4005 W. Post Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89118, just one block from the corner of Valley View and Sunset.

Call : (702) 379-2035

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Client Testimonials

" We had an exhibit come in on a Saturday and it was damaged. I called Las Vegas Auto Body at 6am Monday morning. They took care of it right away and were done before the show opened."

-Tim M. Las Vegas, NV

" Got my bumper looking like new. I had a dent in my car, someone reversed into it. They put it back to new. You could never tell there was a dent there."

-Patrick L. Las Vegas, NV

" Great work without hassles. I found that Mary at Las Vegas Auto Body was very open and honest. He wasn't hiding anything. He gave me a straight-forward price quote with no hidden charges. The work was done quickly and very well at a good price. He also offered me a loaner car, which I don't think most places would do without a charge. All in all, it was a very good deal."

-Jason L. Las Vegas, NV

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